How it works

Consultation Stage
We prefer to meet our couples personally hence our first stage would be to spend some time together. We would ideally want to get to know you and understand your personalities, so we can create the perfect day for you and your guests.

Proposal Stage
Following our initial discussions we will articulate the brief and provide a series of suggestions. This will ensure our understanding is correct and agreed before commencing the planning process.

Initial Planning Stage
We then allocate time and budget to all the wedding components and start creating and planning the day from the big details to the smaller ones.
We work with the best venues and finest suppliers in the industry and will guide you on the most appropriate choices. Together as a team each detail is carefully thought through.
Most of our clients choose to visit Portugal with us at this initial planning stage.

Detailed Planning Stage
We now implement your choices in accordance with your budget. We work actively with the selected venue and suppliers to bring all of the many components together.
By undertaking such thorough planning we ensure that everyone concerned approaches the big day with full confidence.

Prior Wedding Stage
All final preparations leading up to the big day will be taken care of by us in Portugal.

Wedding Day
When the big day finally arrives we are there by your side every step of the way. We will ensure every last detail is correct and everyone knows their role, leaving you to relax and fully enjoy your celebration with your guests.

Couple’s role
We aim for our weddings to be as hassle free and stress free as possible. With couples being involved when they want, as much as they want, and in the most convenient way for them. We simply adjust to each couple’s lifestyle, whether that is meeting at the weekend, after working hours, or even arranging meetings over Skype.
Bespoke Exotic Weddings in Portugal